Skleer Skin restoration gel

I recently was able to review a new skin restoration gel. Skleer sent me a few samples to try out.

According to the companies webpage found HERE, this is what Skleer can do for you.

SKLEER is a skin conditioning gel that helps your skin look and feel better, and helps relieve dry or oily skin, using the earth’s natural ingredients.TM It has a unique gel formulation that carries the natural herbal ingredients onto the skin for a deeply refreshing and moisturising application. This allows for skin appearance to improve.

It’s a pleasingly non-sticky gel that immediately absorbs into the skin on contact, and can be used throughout the day and night.




The ingredients in skleer are all natural and paraben free. The include tea tree, eucalyptus, cinnamon, caraway, and cardamom oils. It does have a fairly strong smell upon opening the container, but once you apply it to your skin, it dissipates fairly quickly.

The gel formula does absorb quite quickly into your skin. Both my boyfriend and I tested that out. We have quite differing skin types, mine being more on the oily side, and his skin is very dry. Both of us found that the gel absorbed quickly. We were able to try this out on a variety of different skin problems.

My boyfriend tends to get really dry skin right under his eyes, and it get’s so dry that it cracks. Usually the only way we can get this to heal is to apply neosporin at night for a few days, then applying lotions and creams until his skin heals enough. I had him try the skleer gel on it, and he was quite impressed with the results. Although he did say that it stung when he applied it to his skin (because it is cracked) he said the next morning that he saw and felt a big improvement.

I used the gel on a few scrapes that I had on my hands, and also a blister on my foot. It does seem to speed up the healing process of my skin, which is great! The gel leaves my skin feeling softer around my scrapes, and they were almost completely healed within about 3 or 4 days.

-Product was provided by the company for the purpose of my review.


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